What is Royal Jelly?

Strong enough to create a queen bee, Royal Jelly is a nutrition-packed natural substance from which people can also gain strength and vitality.

Produced naturally by worker bees from a gland in their head, it is used to feed and nourish bee larvae in their early days of development.

However, it is the way Royal Jelly is used by the worker bees to create and nurture a new queen that has earned this creamy white substance its regal name.

While all bee larvae are fed Royal Jelly in their first few days, a select few larva are fed generous quantities of Royal Jelly for their first four days. These larger servings of Royal Jelly set off a cascade of events within the larva that result in the development of ovaries – and a new queen is born. While the worker bee is destined to a short, seven or eight-week life of hard work, the queen bee will eat nothing but Royal Jelly for the rest of her life, ensuring that her reign, of five to seven years, is long and productive.

Like other bee products, such as Propolis and honey, Royal Jelly is believed to have a multitude of health benefits for humans – royal or otherwise.

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